How to make the perfect pasta

Let’s face it! Everybody loves pasta, but do you really know how to make pasta? Lucky you, I’m Italian, and not a bad cooker at all and speaking about pasta we basically grow up cooking pasta daily.

The ABC on how to make the perfect pasta:

how to make the perfect pasta

a. Don’t boil the water with oil. Please, please, please do not do it! All Italians whenever we see somebody cooking pasta and adding oil to the water we just have a small heart attack. So NEVER do it again!

b. Make sure to salt the water after it starting boiling and the pasta just in that moment and mix it.

c. Don’t forget about it! Be sure you’re go and mix it a little bit (this is the way we make sure maccaroni do not stick to each other). Want to know when it’s ready? Do no be afraid and taste it. every good cook tastes his food 🙂 I hope you know fill a little bit more secure about preparing pasta, I’ll give some suggestions about the sauces soon!