How to learn new languages

I am one of those that you could define language freak! I just love them all, and can’t stop myself from learning new languages or improving the one I already know and I’m currently studying my 6th and 7th language at same time (Chinese and Portuguese). I believe we can all speak different languages, what we need it’s just some effort and good tips to follow. So, do you wonder how to learn new languages? Here my personal tips.

Tips from a polyglot

Here’s some pieces of advice I would like to share with you about how to learn new languages.polyglot

a. Do not be afraid of speaking, even if you just know few words. For my experience, when you’re drunk your language communication skills suddenly improve in second/third/… languages.

b. If you are not enrolled into language classes, use some platform as Duolingo (which I personally love)  or Babbel.

c. Watch TV series in that language. I always recommend TV series instead of movies. Why? Firstly because they’re shorter so you don’t get tired watching 2 hours of movie in an another language (above all at the beginner level). You can definitely resist 20 or 40 minutes, the classic length of a TV series. Secondly, because in this way you get used to the characters’ accents which is quit difficult to get at the beginning.

Moreover, if you get passionate you won’t stop watching that series and your listing skills will definitely reach the top! Of course, don’t forget to use subtitles, first in your native language and in a second moment in the language you’re studying so you get the meaning of the new word and how to spell it with just one episode! Let me know if you got some improvements or if you have any other suggestions!