How to learn languages online

duolingoNowadays internet offers us solutions for everything without moving from our own place. Although in my opinion there’s no better way to learn a new language than traveling and visit the country of interest, we can always get a basis and help us not forget a language thanks to some websites as Duolingo and Babel. For some reasons both Marina and I started using Duolingo and we love it, but please give us feedback on Babel and some other apps you might use!

Why to use online platforms to learn languages

a. You can either use the website and/or the App, I personally love the App. Download it from the store on your phone (here’s the links for Android and iOS), get a profile and don’t forget to add your friends to make it more challenge.

b.If you do not have any knowledge, start as a beginner, otherwise do the level test.

c. Set your daily goal, I suggest to push yourself, you’ll see that to complete the daily goal is not impossible at all and it’s quite fast if you don’t make mistake, so be focused and start earning your points and language skills.

d. Duolingo is organized by categories and subjects according to difficulty.  You cannot proceed to the next subject if you don’t accomplish the previous one since words, verbs and structures always come back so you won’t forget. Moreover, you’ll have stats where you can see where you fail the most. And let’s not forget the handbook for each subject so you have no excuse to fail 🙂

e. Do not forget how helpful languages are on your CV and you can actually share your Duolingo progresses on Linkendin too!

Pros & Cons

You’ll see how Duolingo makes learning easy, fun, and practical above all for those of you that do not get that much along with languages. Although it might look like you’re not learning, you’ll realize very soon that the information got into you in the easiest way possible.

Wait, I almost forgot to tell you the best part: it’s completely FREE!

One negative point: you cannot learn all the languages from all the languages. If you speak fluent English or Spanish you can get access to more languages than let’s say from Italian, good things though is that they are always working on give us more and more languages and learning material.