How to get free specialized courses

You might know better than me how important it is to be always prepared and on topic in order to impress at a job interview, at a meeting or just to feel satisfied with yourself. We’re living in a world that it’s based on technology, and technology it’s in constant evolution so why to stay behind?

Just think how difficult sounded a few years ago to build your own website o your own online portfolio, and look at us now. I personally cannot stop myself from keep looking for new courses to enhance my knowledge and above all follow my passions spending very few money or none sometimes.

Here’s my favorite pages where I always look for course and never got disappointed so far:

a. Udemy 

If you are looking improving your excel skills, photoshop, java and many more this is the platform you need. There are many courses available for each need, preview and syllabus available so that you can make sure the content of the course goes through what you were looking for, and above all look through some video and check if the instructor explains, speaks and delivers messages the way that suits the most your learning method.

b. Courseralearn with specialized courses

Coursera is rocking at delivering many specialized courses by top universities, above all form the US, but there’s a lot of content available in Spanish as well. So why not enrolling in an Harvard University or Stanford University course? Syllabus is available for every course, as well as an introduction to the course, many course are for free but the certification is under payment.

c. Codeacademy

This is solution for geek passionate, or if you are thrilled by the idea of starting learning to code this is the place to be. Do not stop your passion, get started with some Java, SQL, HTML and find the programming language you like the most and suits the most for you.

And if you know more interesting platforms as the one above please do not hesitate to share 🙂