How to find accommodation in Spain

Moving to another country is always difficult, starting a new life, new job, new friends and above all new house, which gets trickier if you don’t know where to look for! A simple and effective guide about how to find accommodation in Spain comes handy.

If you’re moving to the Spanish capital, Madrid, then a really strong suggestion is: HURRY UP! You need to be ready for when the apartment of your dreams shows up. Apartments gets rented at lightning speed.

plaza mayor madrid
So, sign up to best rental pages (see the top 3 pages below), you can select the area, the square meters, the number of rooms ect., and get alerts as soon as an apartment of your characteristics pops up. Moreover, prepare your “señal” a symbolic amount that can go from 50€ to the month rental, to book your home and make sure nobody else has the chance to steal it from you, but make sure you know what you’re doing and that the person is to be trusted. Frauds are just round the corner.

cartel se alquilaWhere to search:
a. Idealista

b. Fotocasa

c. Vibbo (ex Segundamano)

Another detail you should be careful about is if the transaction will be among “particulares” (normal people as you and I) or “profesional”. This last one means there’s an agency involved that most of the times charges you 1 month of rental as their commission. I really recommend you to go with an agency if you’re looking for the place your life otherwise keep looking a little bit longer if you don’t want give that money away.

Here some useful vocabulary to get the apartments description and rental requirements.

1m2 10,76 sq feet
piso apartment
nómina payslip
aval bancario bank guarantee

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