How to get followers on Instagram

instagram_logoInstagram is for sure one of the top social media platforms that’s getting more and more attention everyday. But how to get your own attention on it?

Follow this 3 simple steps and discover how to get more followers on Instagram:

a. Like, like, like! The first step is to like other pictures. Look for hashtag that interests you and that concerns your own Instagram profile identity, and start liking pics. One tip: the less like the picture has, the more invested the other person will be in looking into your profile.

b. Be consistent with your publishing. Post high quality picture, look for the right hashtags, not always the most popular one are worthy (remind the more popular they are, more people are using them, so the less you’ll be on top of the list), and most of all get your own identity!

c. Follow popular pages, the more you follow then it’s more likely that people that follows those popular accounts will checking on you. One secret: once in a while stop following them and start following them again, you’ll see the results!

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